Tasks Crowdwork Lead

We’re looking for a Crowdwork Lead.

Pencil is a venture-backed AI startup applying generative machine learning algorithms to the biggest problems in commercial creativity. As a side project, we have developed a crowdwork platform where individuals from all over the world train our AI. This platform is called Tasks, and it has grown to the extent that it needs full-time leadership.

About Tasks

Tasks is a live crowdwork platform on which workers label data to train machine learning algorithms. There are competitors in the space including Amazon Mechanical Turk and Figure Eight. Tasks is different:

It’s fast.
A swipe-based mobile-first interface means companies can pay workers less per label, but workers can earn more per hour. Both companies and workers love this

It’s a community.
Crowdworkers are being disenfranchised throughout the gig economy. We offer crowdworker-friendly cash payments, collaborative chat for all jobs and are experimenting with business models that further enfranchise crowd workers, including rev share for trained models

As a proposition, Tasks is a fully functional crowdwork platform supporting multiple job types and accuracy validation, ready for customers including AI startups and corporate data science teams. Currently Tasks has 70 crowdworkers and 1 paying customer but there is huge growth opportunity in Asia. A US competitor, LabelBox, raised $3.9M from Kleiner Perkins 6 months ago.

About you

We’re looking for an entrepreneurial and technical business leader capable of scaling an crowdwork-based data-labelling-for-AI proposition. Your short term responsibilities will be to:

  • Formalise a product strategy and growth plan

  • Recruit and manage a small engineering team to continue development of the feature set

  • Build a customer sales pipeline, convert early customers and solicit feedback

  • Put together a pitch deck and growth forecast for potential investors

Longer term, we’re open to the role evolving into a CEO position with Tasks as a spin-off company, funded by our own investor network. In short, this is a fast-track opportunity to startup leadership with elements of product, market fit, traction and investment already in place. This will require an exceptional individual:

  • At least 5 years of sales, product or commercial leadership experience

  • Exposure to the operational requirements and business need for labelling around data science/ML

  • Commitment to helping define a positive future for gig economy workers

  • The personal freedom, ambition, attitude and demonstrated ability to run a startup business

  • Willingness to be compensated in startup fashion (combination of salary, commission & equity)

If you’re interested, please reach out to will@trypencil.com

Anthony Zameczkowski