About us


Our Story


We are builders of technology businesses currently at Google and in many cases, in other top tier internet and technology companies in APAC. We believe startups in Southeast Asia deserve a better breed of angels - genuinely wanting to go beyond capital.

We like to work closely with promising founders, bringing to bear our own experiences building and scaling technology companies and products in Southeast Asia.

We have noticed a ton of these people are sitting in our network of Googlers and Xooglers wanting to invest in high-quality startup founders, wanting to engage and help, but without having a programmatic avenue to do this on a regular basis. 


Our values


We are providers of smart capital

We only fund startups when we can bring them significant value in terms of mentoring and connections.


We’re not running a business

We all contribute to Xoogler Angels on a volunteer basis to the collective benefit of our angels and founders.


We are purpose-driven

We heavily prioritize startups which are solving big problems to make the Southeast Asia region a better place.


We support diversity on all fronts

The more diverse we are, smarter we are. The same principle applies to founders. We want to see a broad range of startups proving different ways to solve big problems.


We believe that less is more

We actively curate startups and our goal is to be their first stop for fund raising. Our group of angels is on an invite-only basis. We want angels and founders to have a unique experience.


How do we bring value to founders?



We commit to make investment decisions very quickly. We are not a VC, we don’t have processes and don’t need to go through investment committees. 


We help accelerating our portfolio startups business by making introductions to customers, suppliers, and partners that would otherwise be hard to reach.  


Operational support

We leverage the Xoogler Angels and Xoogler.co network to provide mentoring on culture, performance management, sales, business development, product design, engineering, etc.



We help sourcing and bring on board early hires by leveraging our extensive network.

Fund raising

We support our portfolio startups by bringing other investors to the table.


Why Southeast Asia?


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